Audition coaching for Universities

During the transition from music college to professional life, young singers sometimes feel left alone. The first auditions are coming up, but how do you present yourself properly in a professional environment? Universities can help prepare their students at an early stage. Daniela Spering‘s audition coaching is tailored directly to the questions and needs of young professionals.

In a safe environment, the students will practise how to present themselves in the best possible way and prepare their documents so that they can use them to approach organisers, agencies and conductors.

How many can participate?12 students max.
Duration of the programme?2 days, including a final concert
What has to be prepared in advance?One concert aria and one song must be prepared by heart with a pianist. Students are required to bring a biography and repertoire list as well as a cover letter to an agency.
What do we need?A stage with a grand piano, camera/sound


In advance

Three weeks in advance, students will receive a video presentation on the following topics: What do I have to consider in contracts? What does a good biography look like in text form? What must be included in a repertoire list?

Coaching seminar (1 ½ days)

The participants will be divided into groups of four. Each group will meet with Daniela Spering twice. The groups are formed by the students themselves to ensure a trusting atmosphere. Each student has one concert aria and one song prepared. Three students sit in the room with Daniela Spering, one singer comes in, introduces him/herself and then sings with accompaniment. The performance is filmed from the moment they come in until they leave the room.

After everyone has made their presentation, Daniela Spering analyses the performance on the basis of the recording and addresses the following questions individually:

  • How did I enter the room?
  • How did I speak?
  • What does my outfit, hairstyle, makeup look like? (Students should dress as they would for an audition and are welcome to bring full body photos of other outfits.)
  • How do I present myself online (homepage, social media) and offline (analysis of biography/repertoire list)? What does my cover letter to agencies look like?
  • What ideas do I have for approaching first gigs?
  • Where do I get honest feedback, especially when I leave university life?
  • What do I do if there are any distracting elements? (I don’t see people in the darkened auditorium/ People film me, but I don’t know what happens to the footage/ People talk while I’m singing/ Where do I stand?/ I get cut off – what does that mean?)
  • How much time do I plan between arrival and audition?
  • What is the best thing to start with at informative auditions? What and how many pieces do I bring to which conductor?
  • Do I bring my own accompanist?
Final concert (on the second day in the afternoon)

The students sing in front of the whole group one after the other. The order is drawn by lot and the whole process is filmed so that everyone has material for homepage & social media.

The result

The aim is that everyone can go into their first auditions confident and well prepared for their first career steps.