Mentoring & Career Counselling

As an agent with more than 20 years of professional experience, Daniela Spering has advised numerous singers on their careers. She has attended competitions for many years, built many careers during her 10 years with Konzertdirektion Schmid and has been providing ongoing management to a small selection of singers since becoming self-employed. In 2021 she completed a coaching training at the Institute for Applied Psychology (Prof. Manuel Tusch) and now accompanies creative people in phases of personal and professional change.

It is her ambition to build sustainable careers and to strengthen the personal development of a singer’s personality.

Whether you are fresh out of university or want to readjust your career – we will help you optimise your appearance to make a convincing impression and define your career goals.

In an introductory telephone call, we will discuss what your concerns are and which of the questions listed here are of interest to you:

Audition Coaching
  • we meet and arrange an audition, which we film for later analysis.
  • Together with the conductor Andreas Spering, we go through your repertoire and advise you on the selection of your audition repertoire and your musical performance.
  • We use the recording to analyse the audition in terms of communication, posture, demeanour, facial expressions, etc.
Career counselling

(We set the focus according to your personal wishes):

  • Where do you see your personal career goals? What do you want to achieve in the short and long term?
  • How do you want to present yourself? Do your personal appearance and your online presence create a coherent and appealing image?
  • What do the sound files you sent to promoters look like?
  • What does your online presence look like (photos, homepage, social media)?
  • What is the focus of your artist biography?
  • What are sensible next steps for your career?
  • Which industry-specific peculiarities do you need to be aware of? What possibilities are there for maintaining contacts and how can you build up your own efficient network? Which useful contacts already exist?

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